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Turkey Coup

by nikoefst | From 2016-07-15 to 2016-07-18

Examination of Turkish press after the coup

Corruption 2013 Turkey

by sakbas | From 2013-12-17 to 2014-01-06

Study of corruption scandal 2013

Ankara Bombing 2015

by sakbas | From 2015-10-10 to 2015-11-10

Study of the media coverage of the terrorist attack in the peace meeting held in Ankara, 2015.

2013 corruption scandal in Turkey

by toz | From 2013-12-17 to 2013-12-31

The 2013 corruption scandal in Turkey refers to an ongoing criminal investigation that involves several key people in the Turkish government, most ...

internet law in Turkey

by ezgiakdag | From 2014-02-01 to 2014-04-30

turkish draconian internet law led to Twitter and Youtube ban

OccupyGezi Turkish Newspapers

by numeroteca | From 2013-05-28 to 2013-06-25


Gezi Parki protests in Turkish newspapers

by matrushka | From 2013-05-28 to 2013-06-23

Gezi Parki protests in Turkish newspapers front pages. By @matrushka and @numeroteca. See related thread:

Gezi Parki protest in international newspapers #occupygezi

by numeroteca | From 2013-05-28 to 2013-07-01

Discrepancies between local media, international media of the Turkish protests. Check related thread GeziPArki in Turkish newspapers http://pageone...

Park Protest Istanbul

by eetuna | From 2013-05-29 to 2013-06-01

Hundreds of people were protesting plans for a major construction project that would erect a shopping mall in Gezi Park at the square. Turkish riot...