Threads in the 'Sport' category

Winter Olympics 2014 Coverage

by mkokoski | From 2014-02-01 to 2014-02-14

Winter Olympics 2014

Summer Olympics 2016 Coverage

by mkokoski | From 2016-07-30 to 2016-08-12

Analyzes the coverage before and after the start of the Olympics

olypic test

by mkokoski | From 2016-08-05 to 2016-08-12

A test of my thread


by serenado | From 2015-01-18 to 2015-01-30

Controversy over NE Patriot's Deflategate scandal

Summer Olympic 2016

by mkokoski | From 2016-07-22 to 2016-08-05

An analysis of the coverage leading up to the olympics.

Maialen Chorraut

by alabarga | From 2016-08-11 to 2016-08-13

De donde es Maialen Chorraut

NBA Finals 2015

by dgshin | From 2015-06-04 to 2015-06-18

Coverage of NBA Finals 2015 Between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors

2014 WC

by Garrett | From 2014-06-10 to 2014-07-15

Comparison of WC coverage between 4 different countries of varying success and interest, with an addendum towards other on-going sporting events.

Los Mundiales

by Arylu | From 2014-05-30 to 2014-06-15

Cómo han reflejado los medios el mundial de Hockey

Fútbol rosarino

by Federico | From 2013-06-04 to 2013-07-04

Análisis del Diario La Capital en el último mes, entre Newell´s y Rosario Central.